These games are interactive several ways to have students listen, view, and engage with the content. The suggested order of the games is....

Note: The images from some of these games were taken by the website creator during a visit to the Hibulb Cultural Center. Others were from open sources that are referenced below. 

Lushootseed Language Games & Resources

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Interactive Games

Directions: Click on the links to play the games. 

Lushootseed Language Name Game

Source: Created by the author at

Matches at the Museum

Canoe Jigsaw Puzzle

Source: Created by the author on

People of the Northwest Coast

Source: Located at www.

Totem Pole Maker 

Source: Located at

Lutshootseed Language Coloring Book


Compare & Contrast

Topic: Education and Indian School

Focusing on Details: Compare & Contrast

Source: located at

3-5 Resource: Tulalip Indian School: Dxʷlilap x̌alalʔtxʷ

6-12 Resource: Tulalip School: Dxʷlilap x̌alalʔtxʷ 

Source: Created by the author with the support of the Everett Public Library Northwest Room Digital Collections, Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve, University of Washington Digital Collection, Tulalip from My Heart By Harriette Shelton Dover (2013).