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Lesson: 1855 Point Elliot Treaty

1855 Point Elliot Treaty Short Answer Reading comprehension

Lesson: 1855 Point Elliot Treaty

1855 Point Elliott Treaty Article Discussion. 

1855 Point Elliot 

Quiz & Short Answer

Lesson: Our Fish, Our Life

After reviewing the lesson answer the questions using the charts and drag and drop the images for the salmon lifecycle. 

Lesson: Our Fish, Our Life

Drag and drop the images to show the lifecycle of salmon. 

Lesson: Our Fish, Our Life

Fill in the short answer responses on the worksheet after watching the video from the Salmon Defense website. Use the link provided here to watch the video:

Salmon Defense 

Lesson: Seasonal Lifeways

Read the poem attached the worksheet and analyze the text to answer the questions. 

Lesson; Seasonal Lifeways 

Use the PDFs to answer the questions listed on the linked  worksheet. Use the PDFs to answer the questions:

Tribal Ceded Lands in Washington State

Land Based Treaty Rights

Lesson: Strengthening Our Culture

Use this worksheet and fill in the blank terms shown in the table. Use the link below to access the reading:

Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty 

Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Worksheet 

Strengthening Our Ways of Life: Culture, Values, Family

Lesson: Veterans

After reading the articles, watching the videos and discussing the importance of the role of Veterans think about what you would want to say to one. Fill in the first page of the worksheet and then write your own letter on the second page as an optional task. Use the link below to look at the roster. 

Tulalip Veterans Roster

Lesson: Veterans

Using the articles and videos provided in the lesson write a brief biography and research about a Tulalip Veteran. 

Lesson: Teaching Generation to Generation

Choose a story from the list and locate the link on the lesson plan. Read the story and use the resources available to write a summary. This will include an outline and final draft. See the links below to read the stories. 


Crane and Changer 

Her First Basket 

How Daylight Was Stolen 

The Story of the Salmon Ceremony 

Lifting Up the Sky 

Mud Swallow’s House 

The Seal Hunting Brothers 

Lesson: Teaching Generation to Generation

Choose a notable figure from the list provided and look at the resources attached to them. Complete a brief biography that includes an outline and draft. Choose a person from this list to research and report. 

Harriette Shelton Dover 

Ruth Shelton 

Raymond Moses 

Hagan Sam 

Vi Hilbert 

Lizzie Krise 

Agnes Jules James 

Martha Williams Lamont 

Susie Sampson Peter 

David Spencer Sr. 

Lesson: Welcome Figures

Read the articles about the two artists highlighted in the Welcome Figures lesson listed below:

Peterson, Qwalsius Shaun (b. 1975) 


Shelton William (1868-1938) 

Fill in the boxes with information from the texts. 

Lesson: Welcome Figures

After reviewing the Totem Pole lesson use this worksheet to respond to the linked video. Use the links below to view the content for the worksheet. 

Totem Poles

Gateway Poles

Welcome Figures

Lesson: Welcome Figures

Totem Poles 

By Jennifer Frantz

Illustrated by Allan Eitzen

Lesson: Welcome Figures

Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska 

By Deb Vanesse

Illustrated by Erik Brooks